What’s Unique About CSU’s Global Village Program?

Lehigh University’s Iacocca Global Village program is one example of a campus program devoted to McLuhan’s concept of the global village. The program encourages students to explore complex international issues, participate in off-campus activities, learn about language and culture, and engage in focused reflection. Learn more about CSU’s Global Village program. Here’s what’s unique about this unique program. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of the Global Village program.

McLuhan’s global village

Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher, and educator of communications theory predicted that electronic communication technologies would create a “tribal drum” where everyone could hear the same message. He was later embraced by electronic media pioneers Tony Schwartz and legendary copywriter Howard Gossage. The Global Village was written by McLuhan and Bruce Powers, and it sums up McLuhan’s lifelong exploration of media and culture.

The notion of the global village has been around for a while, and many writers have argued for it, from Thomas Pynchon to John Dewey. McLuhan relates the emergence of electronic media to the development of electrical technologies. These technologies did not have the same capabilities as electromagnetic ones, but they were much faster and facilitated communication. As a result, sovereignty has melted away. Furthermore, electricity has reached nearly every home and has given a new quality to communication technologies.

Lehigh University’s Global Village program

Lehigh University’s Global Village program is an immersion experience that introduces students to the world’s most diverse cultures, allowing them to form lifelong connections. The Global Village program typically involves living on campus, but this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is now offered online. While students can still live on campus, they can participate in the program from their homes. Next year, they hope to move back to campus.

While the program is distinct from other programs at Lehigh, Brown, and White has a wonderful group of students. They work together on a beat that covers world news and life in general. Throughout the program, students are paired with alumni from across the globe to develop networking skills. In addition, students can learn about the region’s economic development by meeting with representatives from other countries. This way, they can develop business relationships.

CSU’s Iacocca Global Village program

If you’re looking to expand your global network and build relationships with professionals around the world, consider CSU’s Iacocca Global Village program. In this unique program, you’ll live and work with a diverse group of peers from all over the world who offer insights based on their own experiences and backgrounds. Because the program does not deliver traditional grades or academic prerequisites, it emphasizes learning experiences instead.

While each college and university are different in their approach to global education, both Iacocca Global Village and Brown and White are similar programs. For example, both students from Lehigh and CSU-Iacocca are engaged in conversations about life in their countries. This is important because it highlights the similarities and differences between participants and allows students to better understand one another’s culture. Moreover, the program’s directors hope that bringing students from different universities to Lehigh will help the university’s students connect with those from other countries.

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