Increase Traffic With I phone Keywords

It’s possible to increase traffic to your apps with I phone Keywords. For example, Slacker, Inc., a music player, could add keywords to the title of its app. They’d then increase their ranking on Google for those keywords. Spotify, for example, is ranked highly for keywords related to music. In addition, Apple’s newest generation of smartphones allows users to create playlists, which means that your app can be branded with the keywords it receives.

Google Ad Words data analysis of “apple I phone” related keywords

Using the Ad Words targeting tool, you can find a list of top 20 relevant keywords for “I phone.” By using this tool, you can quickly filter out the ones that are most appropriate for your Google ad. This will help your ad show up more often, and will allow you to use these keywords in your Google ads. Let’s take a closer look at the top five Google Ad Words related to “I phone”:

First, consider the geographical interest of your audience. Based on the data provided by Ad Words, “I phone” is popular in South Africa, Turkey, and the Philippines. Those are the primary locations for this ad, and you should focus your advertising efforts in those areas. You can also take advantage of Facebook interest targeting to optimize your Google Ads. If you have a video or a web page that explains the product in detail, this might be a good time to share it with your audience.

App Store keyword optimization

The best way to maximize your app’s visibility in the I phone App Store is by applying effective keyword optimization techniques. Keywords are key to getting high rankings in the app store, and incorporating them into your app’s title will ensure it will be seen among the other two million apps. Keywords should be as specific as possible, and the app’s name should also be highly relevant to the desired keyword. Listed below are some of the most important strategies to optimize your app for the I phone App Store.

IOS App Store Optimization involves every aspect of app marketing, from building links to content. Every activity that your app has should be properly optimized in order to drive more traffic to your application. It’s important to choose a qualified app store optimizer, with experience and professionalism. You’ll need a person with extensive knowledge of the app store and its users. You’ll also need to consider the keyword field and your audience’s search behavior.

Competition for “apple I phone” keywords

There’s plenty of competition for the term “I phone” in Google. According to Google Keyword Planner, there are between 100,000 and one million searches a month for this keyword. While “I phone” has a high amount of competition, long tail keywords (which are comprised of three or more words) have lower search volumes. You’ll need to decide if you want to compete with this word or if it’s worth focusing on long tail keywords.


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