What Are Communication Articles?

Communication articles are shorter research publications that go through a rigorous peer-review process. They are designed to highlight significant breakthroughs in a field before publishing the full study. In most cases, these articles have been published in scientific journals such as JES and JSS. Read this article for more information on communication articles. But first, what is a communication article? What are the benefits and challenges of communication articles? How can they benefit you?

Research papers

Communication articles are scholarly pieces that explore various aspects of human interaction. The journal Communication Research is a peer-reviewed publication that features the latest research in this field. The journal publishes articles that investigate communication processes, antecedents, and consequences. It is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics. To submit an article for publication, you need to ensure it meets the standards and the citation style for communication research articles.

Peer-reviewed academic journals

Many communication journal articles are peer-reviewed by experts in the field. Journal editors and other scholars review articles before they are published. These reviews may include research that the authors conducted themselves, new research methodologies, or novel analyses of existing data sources. Peer-reviewed academic journals are available through scholarly databases. Listed below are the main types of peer-reviewed journals. The peer-reviewing process is a crucial part of the academic publication process, but it must be done correctly to guarantee high-quality research.

Short communications

Short communications are brief articles containing potentially important results. The number of such articles published has declined recently due to changes in the publishing landscape and attitudes among the scientific community. Yet, this form of publication has remained essential to the dissemination of key research. In one example, Watson and Crick published a two-page note in Nature describing the structure of DNA a month after submitting it. The speed of publishing short communications articles has contributed to important advances in medicine, including the rapid adoption of various control measures around the world.

Media and communication

If you’re looking for a place to publish your research papers, Media and Communication may be the place for you. This international journal focuses on a wide variety of communication-related studies. The focus on media is wide-ranging, ranging from political science and sociology to technology and telecommunications. Its scope includes the study of communication, including television, radio, the internet, and print. Its editors also welcome submissions on social media, technology, and society.

Journal of communication

The Journal of Communication is a multidisciplinary academic journal with over 1,300 articles published every year. The journal’s mission is to publish original research in its field and to spread this information among readers. Articles in the journal are written by both scholars and practitioners in the field. The journal is a reference in its field. Articles published in the Journal are considered to be of high quality. To receive more information about articles in the Journal of Communication, check out the website below.


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