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The SalesQL Extension For LinkedIn


If you use LinkedIn, you may already be aware of the SalesQL Extension. This tool enables you to get contact details from users on the social network. It offers you 100 email credits for free and customer support. It also integrates with many other social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So, you’ll never be left without prospects! Read on to discover more about this powerful tool! We’ve got the lowdown!


If you use Chrome to send out emails, you might want to check out VoilaNorbert. It helps you find and verify email addresses, and enrich your emails with information that will help you close more deals. This extension can be used from Gmail, as well as by sales teams, business developers, and recruiters. You can get 50 free lead credits, and you can use it to collect up to 1000 leads a month.

The VoilaNorbert extension allows you to export your LinkedIn contacts in CSV or open list format. If you want to export more contacts, you can choose the paid plan and have more control over the numbering, scoring, and data cleaning. You can start using VoilaNorbert by downloading a free trial, or you can pay for the premium plan. To download the extension, you must create an account first. After that, install the extension on your browser.


As a sales professional, you’ve probably used the SalesQL extension to browse LinkedIn. You know the importance of keeping an eye on your competitors, but are you aware of the tools that SignalHire offers? If not, you’re missing out on the best way to find potential hires. Not only does this extension help you find qualified candidates, but it also has several handy features. These tools include the ability to export data into various CRM tools.

When it comes to finding contact details, SignalHire is the way to go. SignalHire is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, and GitHub. It’s very likely to find up-to-date contact details on anyone in these online venues. Moreover, it can also help you find contact details from personal accounts and social media. And thanks to its high hit rate of 96%, SignalHire can help you find people based on their social media accounts.


The Pipileads SalesQL extension for Google Chrome is a handy tool for finding verified LinkedIn email addresses. The extension offers various options for searching and exporting LinkedIn contacts. Users can also export their lists in CSV or Excel format for further use. Its social search feature also helps in finding emails from various social media. Users can also choose to search for email addresses in a CSV file by entering only the first and last name.

LinkedIn email finder tools such as SalesQL can help businesses find prospects’ business and personal email addresses. You can manage your leads from one central dashboard. SalesQL also integrates with a variety of other tools, such as LinkedIn and Sales AAforce. This way, you can manage your leads and contact them easily. The Pipileads Extension for Chrome allows you to manage your leads and prospects. You can download the app from the Chrome web store or use the link provided below.


The SalesQL extension can be installed in Chrome to gather information about LinkedIn profiles. Rather than manually entering contact information, SalesQL automatically gathers information from these profiles. It offers 100 free email credits and customer support. You can also use the tool to find prospects. To get started, simply install the extension in Chrome and click the button on the upper-right window. Here are some advantages of this extension:

One of its most useful features is the export feature. It allows you to export LinkedIn contacts in CSV and open list formats. Sales QL is also capable of extracting email addresses from LinkedIn. You can also import contacts to your CRM by using VoilaNorbert. Once you have installed this extension in your browser, you can begin extracting email addresses. Once you have your list of prospects, you can start using SalesQL to send emails to them.


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