The Benefits of Crunch Fitness

Crunch is a health club with a unique philosophy: serious exercise can be fun! This fusion of fitness and entertainment is true to its No Judgments philosophy. With more than 200,000 members, Crunch has become an international force, with corporately owned and franchised locations across the U.S. and Australia. To learn more about Crunch and how to join, read on! Here are a few of the benefits of becoming a member.

Crunch Signature locations have babysitting services

If you’re looking for babysitting services at your local Crunch gym, you’ve come to the right place. There are many great options available, from child-care facilities to the convenience of a babysitter. In addition to offering a full range of child-care services, Crunch Signature locations offer kid’s crunch babysitting. The service charges an additional fee, but it’s well worth it for parents who want to work out without the worry of leaving their kids.

Crunch Signature locations have dedicated studios for yoga and spin classes. There’s also a bigger space for group classes. Babysitters can accommodate busy schedules, and there’s no need to download music. Some locations offer saunas after a workout. The high temperatures are also known to help reduce blood pressure. Saunas also offer therapeutic benefits and can alleviate pain and fatigue. These are just a few of the benefits of visiting Crunch Signature gyms.

Crunch Signature locations have tanning booths

The best way to get a tan without the sun is to visit a Crunch Signature location. There are several different classes and activities to choose from, including tanning. You can even get a Hydro Massage treatment at your tanning salon. David Harman, who runs more than 40 Crunch locations, owns and operates these locations. He hopes that you will find a Crunch location that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The best part of tanning at a Crunch Signature location is the convenience of the facilities. These tanning salons offer the latest equipment, as well as body shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash. You can also check in with contact-less technology so you can sign in quickly and easily. Some locations require that you have a valid vaccination in order to use their tanning booths. The facilities are clean, and Crunch’s trained staff is attentive to your needs and desires.

Crunch Signature locations have massage chairs

With more than 400 locations, Crunch has a great range of exercise equipment and group fitness classes. Its fitness centers feature large, spacious rooms and free weights, as well as personal training. In addition to their extensive workout programs, Crunch locations feature massage chairs, hydro massage beds, and a variety of other amenities. Many locations have upgraded amenities like hydrotherapy, which helps relieve tension and loosen muscles.

Some Crunch Fitness clubs have pools, but most don’t. Signature Clubs typically offer pools. In addition to massage chairs, most Crunch Fitness locations have hydro massage and tanning facilities. In addition to massage chairs, some locations have saunas or hot tubs. Memberships to Crunch will not grant access to aquatic facilities, although some locations may offer a pool or hot tub. Hydro Massage is the most popular treatment at Crunch, so the Richmond location has one.

Crunch Signature locations have red light therapy booths

The latest addition to the Crunch fitness lineup is a signature location in midtown Manhattan. Located beneath the historic Lexington Hotel, part of the Autograph Collection, the new location will open sometime in fall 2020. Founding Members of this club receive the best membership rates and exclusive free gifts like a limited-edition crunch bag. Founders can also expect to receive special membership rates and freebies, such as free red light therapy treatments.


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