Health and Fitness Marketing Tips and Tricks for Your Gym

When marketing your gym, one of the most powerful tools is social media. But social media has limitations. If you’re looking to market your gym to a wider audience, consider the power of video marketing and content marketing. You can also use events to market your fitness center. But what exactly do you need to include in your marketing? Read on to discover the best tips to market your gym. We’ll discuss each of these in greater detail below.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your gym

Besides using paid advertising and a sound social media strategy, social media also plays an important role in gym marketing. You can post articles and videos related to fitness and health to attract potential members. You can also post pictures of members exercising and other gym-related content on Instragram. Instragram allows you to share photos of members and the gym, and Facebook offers a number of paid advertisement options. Ultimately, social media is an essential part of marketing your gym.

Video marketing

Using video to market your health and fitness business is an effective way to stand out from your competitors. A video can highlight your unique personality, share thought leadership, and increase your brand’s visibility. Videos can also be a great way to build a strong community within your community. Video marketing is an excellent form of word of mouth marketing and one of the most effective in 2018. For example, Hot Yoga Pasadena used an Instragram video to promote a free trial class. For only $100, they received over 3,300 views and were able to tag others in the comments. More than brand awareness, these videos drove a significant amount of traffic and generated numerous comments and shares.

Content marketing

There are some basic principles of content marketing in the health and fitness industry, but brands in this sector are often hesitant to implement them. These marketers must understand some fundamental aspects of content marketing before they can use it effectively. Using this type of content marketing strategy is beneficial for gyms, supplement companies, and equipment manufacturers. Let’s look at those principles. The health and fitness industry is dominated by content marketers who are knowledgeable about the body mechanics.


Planning events is an essential part of a fitness marketing plan. Many fitness providers are impacted by the recent flu outbreak. Rec centers have closed and other providers have trimmed their staff by half. Marketing your fitness center and events is as important as running a business. In the new year, plan events that attract your target audience. Determine the best way to reach your target market and start planning early. Here are some tips for promoting your health club or fitness studio.

Advertising in local directories

If you are looking for an effective way to promote your business, consider advertising in local directories for health and fitness services. These directories are popular among local searchers, and the medical industry has many benefits from local SEO. Businesses that offer local services, such as dentists and doctors, can benefit from local citations. Other local businesses include driving schools and therapy services. The key to success in local SEO is consistent exposure.

Using remarketing ads

When creating a remarketing ad for your health and fitness marketing campaign, make sure to choose a niche within which you can create ads. While fitness leads are often reluctant to sign up for a boot camp online, they are more likely to sign up for a gym membership when they are actually in the gym. Using remarketing ads is an effective way to reach the right audience at the right time, without feeling intrusive.


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