Flood in Bangladesh – Impact on Human Livelihoods and Economic Performance

Since the first flood in the last week of June, Bangladesh has suffered from over 34,002 square kilometers of inundation. This Monsoon Flood 2020 affected 21 districts and 102 Upazila and 654 unions. Flood water levels have reached over 50% in Jamalpur, Sunamganj, Tangail, Kurigram, Netrokona, and Gaibandha. There are also reports of suicide plans and attempts by flood survivors.

Impacts of climate change on natural hazards

The impacts of climate change are already being felt across Bangladesh, with the frequency and intensity of natural hazards escalating. Rising sea levels, for example, have exacerbated the problems already experienced along the Bay of Bengal coast. Rising ocean levels and warming weather patterns are also pushing seawater up rivers in Bangladesh, where it seeps into the soil and water supplies. Flooding is an increasing threat throughout Bangladesh, with major droughts occurring every five years in the north-western part of the country wotpost.

Suicide plans and suicide attempts of flood survivors

While the physical effects of a flood are obvious, the mental toll can be just as devastating. A recent study reveals that suicide attempts and plans among flood survivors increased dramatically in the first four months after the disaster struck. It is not clear if this increased depression was due to physical damage or social responsibilities. But a recent study shows that a higher suicide rate was associated with depression among survivors of the 2011 Louisiana flood.

Methods of conducting flood research in Bangladesh

This study will examine the impact of floods on human livelihoods and the economic performance of the country’s poorest communities. In doing so, it will use quantitative data to evaluate the relative benefits and disadvantages of hard and soft flood-control measures. Using the data, the authors will determine which flood-control methods are more effective and whether they should be implemented in Bangladesh. In addition, they will consider the extent of flood risk sensitivity and resilience in Bangladesh.

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Impacts of recent floods on char land poor people

The yearly floods in Bangladesh affect the lives of 12 million char dwellers, who struggle against poverty and climate change. These people live in remote villages and have little or no land of their own. Their plight is compounded by the lack of basic infrastructure. As a result, they are disproportionately affected by flood disasters. Moreover, they face extreme vulnerability and are largely dependent on local money lenders. As a result, their incomes and household growth are poor and they are unable to cope with the loss.

Importance of multi-sectoral policy for alleviating flood-related psychological burdens

In addition to physical and financial consequences, a flood disaster can cause considerable emotional stress. The onset of mental illness can be delayed by a variety of factors. One of these is the level of social vulnerability. During a flood, the elderly and poor were the main groups affected. In addition, the physical and financial effects of flooding have also weakened basic public services and facilities. Children are particularly vulnerable to flood-related psychological burdens, and their lack of education, access to public health care, and satisfaction with damage regulation are factors that influence their vulnerability.

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