Myzone – The Next Generation of Wearable Heart Rate Monitors

At Reform Fitness we are committed to making your masstamilan  fitness experience more engaging and fun. That’s why we have partnered with Myzone, the next generation of wearable heart rate monitors and real time feedback to transform your workout into a more interactive experience than ever before!

Myzone is a wearable, wireless, and cloud-based device that allows you to track heart rate, calories burned and your personal workout results. It also allows you to challenge and connect with friends, view workout history, see leaderboards and build a community!

Designed with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines in mind, Myzone uses simple color-coded personalized zones that reward your effort when you work out. Each zone is worth a certain number of Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) and the more effort you put in the higher your MEPs!

MEPs are an objective myvuhub measurement of your effort level based on your heart rate and the intensity of your workout. You can compare your MEPs with those of your peers in our community and complete Myzone challenges to boost your MEPs even further!

Our mcezone devices, available in a range of options from The Journey, monitor your workouts and can be worn in conjunction with a smartphone or other smart device to record your activity. There is also a Myzone belt that can be used without an app, for those who prefer to work out tech-free!

The Myzone belts display real-time heart rate, calories, and workout intensity using five simple, colour coded personalized zones. Each of these zones represents a percentage of your maximum heart rate and are a great way to measure your effort. The Myzone system has been developed to work for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Each time you exercise with teachertn Myzone, your belt records your workout data and transmits it to the Myzone cloud where your data is stored. You can then access your data via the Myzone app on your smartphone.

In addition to recording your workout, your Myzone belt can give you instant feedback during your exercise by displaying a live tile on your smart device screen. This allows you to track your progress in real-time, giving you a clearer pagalsongs picture of your efforts and what’s needed next to get the most out of each workout.

You can also use the Myzone app to share your progress with your connections outside of the Myzone app, which is a great way to stay motivated. Simply tap a person’s name on the Myzone tile and they’ll appear in your network of connections, along with their current workouts. You can comment and like their posts in the same way as you would on any social networking site.

Myzone is the perfect motivator to get you working yareel   harder and pushing your limits. It enables you to achieve your goals, improve your performance and become a stronger and more efficient athlete. It’s fun, easy and effective. Start tracking your Myzone Effort Points today!

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